So Tired Of It...

I started as an anorexic. Soon I was a bulimic... Its been ten years now.

Im so tired of it. I cant do it anymore. Its bad for my health (mental and physical) and i want to start enjoying life. I dont want it to be all about food and binging and purging...
I feel i wasted the last ten years of my life. While my friends were out partying, I stayed at home to eat. When they enjoyed romantic evenings with their boyfriend, I was with mine pretending to eat while worrying ill gain weight bc i wouldnt be able to purge later.

Ten years wasted.

Everytime i tried to stop, I failed miserably.

May be this time it will work. I hope so.

The other day I read an article saying that twitting might help dieting. So I have now a twitter account (@friendsondiet) where ill keep track of my healthier diet.... So I dont relapse (too often)
I invite everyone of you to register and connect with me so we can motivate and help each other in the upcoming stuggles to regain our well being.

Ps: I dont know how twitter works really but i hope to get the hang of it soon.
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Feb 8, 2013