"The Talk" : Dentist Style

Hello my fellow strugglers,

Last week I decided to bite the bullet, so to speak, when it comes to something I have avoided doing for a very long time. For the first time since developing bulimia, I AM GOING TO THE DENTIST!

I hope you all are shuddering as much as I am at the prospect. It has to be done. I've decided that, even though my recovery isn't going seamlessly, I've got to step up to the plate and do this. I wish I were tough enough to say that I feel this way all the time! I don't. Even right now as I sit here typing this I am considering calling the office and leaving a message telling them that I have that awful virus that's going around and that nobody should go near my mouth. I have the excuse all planned out. BUT... *sigh*. I know better.

It has been six years since I have been to the dentist. This is because the last time I went, I knew that they suspected "foul play" going on in my mouth and throat region. I had a lot of acid damage (there's a fancy word, but I didn't care at that moment to pay attention) at the back of my throat and that instead of having acid erosion at the front of my mouth (where everyone does from acid-ey foods) that I had it in the back. From stomach acid. Whoops, secret's out.

They didn't flat-out say it, but to a girl of 15 who is trying to keep everyone in the dark, it was terrifying to think that they might tell my parents. I'm actually shocked that they didn't, come to think of it. Either way, I haven't been back and it's now time to face the music as an adult.

Anyone want to talk me out of it?
Nah, didn't think so.

I welcome any and all advice on how to come clean to the dentist about my health concern. Who should I tell? The hygienist? The dentist himself? The receptionist? HOW DO I DO THIS? Does it even need to be said?

Thanks for listening pals.
Much love to all!

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4 Responses Feb 10, 2013

I absolutely understand how you feel. Last time I went to the dentist I was upset for about a week after that.I had I dont know how many cavities and the Dentist thought I ate too much sugar, I was embarrassed to tell him the truth. I have done so much damage to my teeth and it sucks because I have really pretty teeth. My teeth are "pretentious" beautiful on the outside but extremely unhealthy on the inside! Sorry I had to find some humor in all this, after all it is what keeps me smiling at times. I hope your teeth are in much better condition than mine. GOOD LUCK!

I have been a bulimic since I was 15, and I turn 24 next month. I too haven't been to the dentist in a while, only 2 years for me. However, everytime I went they never said anything to me at all. In my teenage years I was vomiting multiple times a day, every day. So there was a lot of acid on a daily basis coming into my mouth and throat area. I guess my teeth are pretty amazing because the only damage I've seen in 8 years is the occasional discoloration and sometimes almost transparent appearance to them. I've literally had people tell me they could "see through my teeth" but I have never had a cavity and they are in pretty good condition. Just be careful about your approach when you vomit and as ridiculous as it sounds try to spare your teeth as much damage as possible. Bein bulimic, obviously that's difficult but it would seriously help!

Thanks for sharing! Yes I really do try to "spare my teeth" and I even keep baking soda in my purse to rinse with to try and help. Thanks again for posting a reply!

In my case, they thought I drank too much soda and coffee. (Also, kind of true.) You should face it and ignore what they say. I think I waited too long. I lost a tooth and am getting ready to get a dental implant. Not a good thing. :( Taking care of yourself is more important than what they think of you. You will be fine. : ) Besides, it would be over before you know it.

I no how your feeling completely, I was in that situation and I just had to bite the bullet & go to the dentist I thought they can judge me and think what they like but it's got nothing to do with them what am going through. so I didn't tell them as they are not professional enough to understand what we go through with our health & mind. If u were going to tell anyone it would be your doctor if you were wanting to be referred.