Doctor Appointment Hell

I want to get better- so I went to a Doctor's appointment today, and I wish I b*oody didn't! Firstly, I found it EXTREMELY difficult to even go in the first place as I've never told anyone and haven't even said "I have bulimia" out loud before. Anyway I wasn't expecting too much sympathy but maybe a bit of understanding atleast! As soon as I told her, she asked me "how do you know you have bulimia?" so I obviously told her my eating patterns blah blah and that I throw up.. But it was almost as if I had to convince her I was making myself sick. The thing is though, 2 years ago, when I was at my skinniest, my previous doctor had put on my files that I was under weight and that I didn't eat regularly. But whatever, i'm obviously too fat that she can even question I have an eating disorder. It's so humiliating.

And all she said was that I should look on the internet to buy self-help books.

OK I wasn't expecting a pill to just make me stop, but she didn't even talk to me about it or anything. I even told her that i've seen blood in my sick, my hair has thinned ALOT and I can smell it on my breath. Do you know what she did?

Argggh. She then printed 10pages worth of information about eating disorders. I felt like screaming "I don't need to know what it is, I can now admit I have it! I need to get rid of it!"

What a waste of time. That was my last resort, the amount of appointments i've booked and have been to scared to go. Then I finally do go, and it was embarrasing. I'm so disappointed. But to be honest I haven't been sick today so far, which is a plus!


If any of your Doctor Apointments have been a little more rewarding please let me know what they said and how it was!? x

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All I can say is that doctors are human just like the rest of us, and some are competent and insightful while others are not. This doctor clearly was not - don't blame yourself, or feel humiliated over her shortcomings. There may be other doctors better equipped to help you with this problem, but as sacredvision suggested, it may be a therapist rather than an MD. At the very least, a good doctor would suggest a specialist for you to see rather than print off information you could have found on your own.

your doctor is a ******* idiot. doctors are the reason people die with this disease dammit. doctors are not who you go to at first. go to a therapist. sorry your post didn't make me mad your stupid doctor did. INCOMPETENT! :) <br />
ps you can message me... i've been recovering from an ed for a long time now. :)

I was due to go to my first appointment last Saturday, but I called and canceled it. I just do not have any trust, and frankly, I don't need extra humiliation. Especially if it does nothing for my benefit. How awful for you. I'm so sorry.<br />
<br />
I don't think I'll be rescheduling anytime soon.