It really sucks :')
I've had bulimia for almost six years and I've hated every minute of it!
Trying to stay positive is pretty hard!
The hardest thing is trying to live a normal life!
I was starting to get better, then boom! Here we go again :')
Oh well, wish me luck! :)
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Awe I'm sorry. I used to have tendencies. Right now I'm just going through disordered eating habits that make me feel trapped.

At least we are going through a similar thing!
I'm always here if you would like to chat!

Thanks but I am unable to contact you! I think your settings blocked it

Never give up, im here to talk if you need someone.

Thank you so much! :)

I've never experienced bulimia but I had a friend who did sound like close to the severity of yours. Hers wound get better and worse in waves also. Something that she found that really helped is having someone to talk to and tell her problems to I think it made her feel like she had better control so she felt less of the urge. What your dealing with is super serious and scary I honestly hope you keep getting better:) I'm here if u wanna talk

Thank you so much! It helps to know that you're here :)

I wish you the very best. I've never dealt with bulimia, but I've been through hard things.
If you believe in yourself and try your best, even if you don't succeed, you should be proud of yourself :)
I wish you the very best, man! :) good luck! :)
Just smile about the little things in life like I do :) even when everything's **** 😁

Cheers man!! :)

Anytime!! :D

Here if you need me

Thanks :)

No problem :)