Im Addicted

I been bulimic for the past 3 months and , i just cant stop i remember . When i started i dont like it at all. but i feel so much better when i do it . when i fisrt did it it hurt so babd .i use to do it once or two times aday depending on how i ate . but now i purge for everything i eat . I also purge alot when im depressed or feeling anxious. I try to stop ,but i just cant .the only person that knows is my best friend and my sychiatrist. But knowone else becuase they will just judge me. I try not to eat in public places becuase then i cant purge, but i always manage to purge .This is my secret im bulimic
zoeusc zoeusc
1 Response Feb 28, 2009

you are so much like me. is it wrong that it feels good after you know u ate whatever u wanted and didn't gain any weight?