I started a new school in tenth grade and for the first time in my life I found it so hard to find meaningful company at all, I wasn't overweight but another new girl used to call me the chubby new girl which I hadn't thought about before, I slowly developed anorexia nervosa over the semester and when I slipped I purged which became full fledged bulimia nervosa and pretty violently binging and purging. For the last 7 years I've been on a sinking ship, feeling unable to be healthy, caught between starving and bulimia. I hadn't seen a dentist once in all this time. I was spending so much money on food I wanted to eat till I was sick, and I was eating and throwing up disgustingly enormous amounts of food, I knew I'd thrown up several times a day for so many years my teeth must be about to fall out. At my 21st birthday I chipped a back tooth and I decided I needed to go to the dentist. My teeth were almost totally healthy and I decided I'd been given a second chance. I've been trying to go it alone and as someone who'd never gone a full day without purging in seven years, today I've gone two weeks. I had a binge, not a huge one but still, the biggest challenge was not purging, which is why I joined this. Waiting it out, trying to be normal, for the first time in seven years, trying not to go backwards and trying not to be bulimic anymore.
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recovery is the best gift you could ever give yourself and your body. it will be really tough and you will most likely have slip-ups but this all normal recovery behaviour. you have to stay strong and think about how good a bulimia free life would be. xxx

I loved your story. Please stay strong, because I have been unable to be strong with controlling my bulimia lately and I found inspiration in your words.