Why ??

Everyday i ask myself why did i discover an eating disorder what did i want people to love me look at me in a different way. But i actually don't know why i did it.

Maybe i was jelous everyday being surrounded by beautiful women and i wasn't one of them.

My mum always says were all special in our own way. Well there is nothing special about me.

Bulimia when i hear that word it puts a smile to my face. The thing is i have lost my friends over it and actually bulimia helps me alot. If my friends were true friends they would of stuck by me and helped me to recover it but they didn't they left me.

I never understood why are my friends and family upset i was only being sick its not like they are upset when i am ill. 

so why bulimia ?

i have loved and taken care of other people shame i don't love myself.

sannes sannes
1 Response Mar 3, 2009

i understand what you go through <br />
i just need to tell you that your friends may not left you because you had bulimia<br />
they may be shocked and surprised and didnot know what to do<br />
so hang on there