Fed Up

I have been dealing with this disease for way to long (over 20 years) on and off and I have now just gone on Prozac because I feel so depressed and dont want to leave the house, I almost have isolated myself from the world and dont want to socialize. I also have taken phentermine with Prozac and am scared that I could really be harming myself, I dont know if there is anyone that has been dealing with this as long as I have?? and want to stop but most importantly want to start living again!!!!!!!!!!!!

jacksbu jacksbu
1 Response Mar 9, 2009

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I completely understand how you are feeling. I have been bulimic for 17 years. Due to a health scare I've stopped. I haven't purged for nearly 6 months now. But now I'm suffering from depression. Struggling to cope with life without having bulimia to turn to as I used to. I'm upset that I can't do it anymore. I've put on 30lbs. But I also have faith that this is a process that I have to go through. I want to live a happy, fulfilled, healthy and purposeful life and realise now that life as a bulimic isn't any of those things - as much as I thought it was! I'm trying hard to fill my life up with positive things and learn to live this new life but sometimes I don't even feel like getting out of bed. Just stay strong, have faith and commit yourself to getting better. It's going to be worth the effort - so we can be happy and free of this. I know and believe it is possible. Seek counselling, get all the help you need and just know that you are not alone and one day soon you will be living the life you really want to be living. You're not in this by yourself. You're are special and you are loved.