The Biggest Mistake of My Life

So your probably guessing my biggest mistake of my life was me discovering bulimia well your wrong. It was actually telling someone i had bulimia.

It was on my mind everyday. I needed to tell someone but who. So i wrote all my feeling and thoughts and what happend in a diary. But one day my sister finds the diary. She went to me "i can't believe what you did ? " i knew what she was talking about but i said " what you talking about Amy ?" my sister said " you could of killed yourself" and bursted into tears. I asked my sister not to tell my  mum and she didn't. But one day on my msn it said maybe it happend for a reason maybe she was meant to find it. My best mate asked what does this mean and i told her. And later that night my mum found out as well.

The next morning i had my best mate     had a massive row with me. And she said we will get through this together but after school just ignores me. We will totally get through this more like NEVER.

I knew my mum was dissapointed in me. I just knew it. I tried to hug her but she wouldn't hug me back. Great so i come clean and this is what i get.

The point is i'm not saying that it may be like this when you tell someone you might get the total opposite. Feeling loved.

So in away i wish i didn't tell.

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2009

i understand what you mean <br />
people think that bolimia is your problem not away to live with problems<br />
and people never admit that they are part of the causes to bolimia

almost the same thing happened to friends won't even talk to me now that they know and it has only made my problems worse. ibinge/purge almost 2x as much as before

It sometimes feels that way,doesn't it!<br />
<br />
Talk to your doctor,please!<br />
<br />
They are there to help!