I Have Bulimia

I have bulimia. It started 15 years ago. I was engaged to be married. My fiance talked all the time about how he loved petite women, me in particular. The first time I threw up was on a night after I had finished a date with him.

I don't do it everyday. There are times when I go months without throwing up.

The problem is...I grew up in a family...with a mom who gave me food for comfort. She gave me sweets. I LOVE sweetss. I would watch my friends in college and even highschool who could eat one cookie, one twinkie. Something in my brain wants the whole box. I hate it. That is the way I cope.


I  think being abused sexually when I was a senior in high school may have something to do with my problem. I tried to talk with my doctor. I went to LA weightloss and lost 50 pounds. (I did not have a weight problem until after I had my 2 children.) I had bulemia through both pregnancies.


Anyway...I'm rambling. I have a weight problem. I want to eat to solve my inner problems. I throw up so I won't weigh 300 pounds. (I weigh 150) I am 5.4.

I have bulemia. I can't stop.


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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Maybe try going back to your doctors, they my refer you to a psychiatrist or nutritionist.. Maybe start a food journal and write how you feel before and after food, then you can find your triggers and when you start to feel like that or are in that situation again, you will be ready and can try to do something else to distract you! Hope you do get better x

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i just read ur story. im also a mum who has bulimia, i cant stop either. it scares me coz i wont to stop for my mum. but i dont know how to...it seems bulimia has taken over my life. i feel so lonely but after reading this it made me see im not alone in this. if u want to talk we can xxx