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it basically just seems like a regular part of my life, its not something unusual. It started a year and a half ago. Its very dangerous to me because I have diabetes. I feel guilty because I turned one of my friends onto it and now they are sick. All I wanted was a buddy and now I feel horrible. I am trying to stop but it's hard.
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get this book and read it if you cant get help elsewhere <br /><br />
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Overcoming binge eating. just stick to what they say in this book and you can overcome it!!!

I also have bulimia and diabetes. I try to take insulin after I binge and purge , but I know it would be better If I didn't have diabetes or bulimia. I think its very common for young women with diabetes to develop an eating disorder. I know of a study that was conducted in my region that states facts to back this up. I have all the facts in my mind and on the floor kneeling in front of the porcelain bowl.

I have informed b/f and doctor... he gave me anti-depressants and put me on a 3 month waiting list, not much help when i need to deal with it now. Really tried for a few wks there not to purge but slipping back into bad habits. Doc looked at me with pure disgust, my mum has alot of issues and is an attention seeker and I believe that he thinks that about me now too. <br />
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Feel that no one understands anymore, don't want this, dont see any way out of it, dream of ending it all but would hate to hurt my family and friends like that.<br />
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My boyfriend knows and is not supportive at all, have noone to talk to. He shouts at me when I cont eat dinner (he sees it as a normal eating occasion, i see it as a trigger) so I eat it to make him happy and then I purge...

why is everyone here so sure that beauty causes bulimia. god dammit, i developed it before i understood beauty. <br />
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the best plan of action is to inform parents/relatives or friends of your ED, you must seek help, becuase we all know you can die from this illness.

Mark Ryden!

It seems pretty normal still at 1 1/2 years. What will you say when 20 years have gone by (on and off for a year or so here or there) Is it still pretty normal? Some mornings I wake thinking I'm having a heart failure due to the imbalance, my teeth have all been recapped and having kids are no longer an option. For me, stopped becoming about beauty but being in control of something, soothing stress, coping methond. Beauty is not having a photo taken of you bent over the toilet with a finger down your throat

I want you young ladies to all realize that you are beautiful. Listen to Christina Argularia son Beautiful. I know this sounds corny for what you all are dealing with but tell yourself that you are beautiful. It does not matter how much you weight. There are women who are all sizes that are beautiful. Healthy is not about being a skinny minnie. Forget that. Health is being free of sickness or disease. Food is meant for the stomach and you can eat anything you want just in moderation. You can have that cake and ice cream, popcorn, or whatever just in moderation. I sure you girls are so beautiful. I wish I could help you all. Please stop my heart goes out to you.

hi, my name is ashley...can you please give me a call asap...i know this is odd because you dont know me...but i also have diabetes and i dealt with bulimia for 6 years...i am almost 19 now...please give me a call and we can talk about name is ashley. 513 379 8338

wow. my friend pretty much turned me into a bulimic. i ve been doing it about a month now. at first i tried to stop her from doing it to herself. i told her she needed to quit. for a while i thought it was fun to watch her be able to eat, being only 95 lbs and making everyone jealous. she had lost 40 lbs and looked great. i wanted to be like her. i hated watching her eat and look amazing. plus im 125 and still have to lose 20 lbs for a show i want to be in. this is the only way. i wish it didnt have to be this way.

It is all about beauty. Beauty is an unreachable conquest, set by god so we can strive for something that does not exist. And he can sit down and laugh at us. What is beauty? Is it looking good, having a good body, a good mind? Who is it that decides beauty. Them? Who is them? Why can't I decide beauty? We all decide beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty changes like the weather. Is life is going to be any easier skinnier, prettier, more beautiful? You'll answer yes but you know deep down it doesn't make a difference. There will always be the one person to make you feel bad, it takes ten roses to make up for one spider. I give unto you ten roses. Because you are beautiful, you are trapped by the awful surrounding that uness you look a certain way, you are not. But I say that you are not helping yourself, you are just helping those that think they are better, more beautiful than you. You are putting yourself down and therfore pushing them up. Who is it that decides who is pretty and not? Who decides that? Who decides what the okay weight is, who decides that? Who are you to say that you are not pretty because you look a certain way, you can only be truly happy when you are happy with what lies within you. You doing what you are doing is saying to god, is saying to the world you do not like the circumstances on which you were made and given, and for that reason you do not like yourself. That is an insult. That you are unlucky merely for the way you look, that you are trapped so deep in this external horror that you cannot be happy until you free yourself from it. Well I'll tell you, when you are worrying over your looks, people are worrying over eating, sleeping, over their childrens well being. People are drinking out of the same place they use the bathroom, people are out there crying eerytnight because their external horror is internal pain. Diseases carried from mother to son, mother to daughter. Pain so deep it hurts to touch anything, because it will only make you know your fear is true. But you are right, you have much more to worry about. Your beauty. Just make sure that your beauty is beholded in the right eye. I am here for you, do know that, I know you are beautiful and will get through this. I am sorry if I am not as sympathetic as one might be, I am Italian and I have seen many people shut in poverty and I get very sensitive to the issue. To you, mi ángel hermoso, I bless.