Does Therapy Really Help???

Hey everyone! I have been struggling with this ugly disorder for over 5 years now. What has started so innocently has turned me into a total recluse over the last year.

I have been battling this thing on and off for the last 3 years, with some success after which the lows would almost kill me adn what scares me now is that these lows are getting lower and lower each time..if that makes sense.

I have recently moved in to a new city for school and it has been 5 months and I havnet even gone xploring the sights or made any friends. I've no absolutely no energy,self-esteem or self-belief left whatsoever..Im just soooo tired of this desease, I know now that if I dont get it under control I will die.

My teeth are breaking, recently i have started having chest and kidney pains and Im constantly bloated.


All of the above is the result of me trying to beat my bulimia by stopping throwing up. I figured- doesnt matter if I get fat, I WILL NOT PURGE AGAIN!!


And I am happy to say that in the last 5 months I have only done it around 10 times. Which is great, BUT I still eat enormous amounts of food with no control. U know how it is-u just stuff yourself without even feeling the taste...its horrible. I have gained 16's killing me.


All this has made want to get professional help, I am exhausted in every way. Im 22 and feel like I havent even done anything this year...its a scary thought..I want to be normal. GOD< I WANT TO BE NORMAL!!


Isn't it heartbreaking watching people ENJOY their lives?? I want to be like them...


So yea, has anyone had therapy for bulimia? Has it worked?? What does it entails? Any information aand esp personal experiences from you guys would be AWESOME!!


PS Feels great to kinda let this out in the "open" for the first time in my know that i am not alone. Great site:))

Katena Katena
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Hey Katena!<br />
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I think the first step to recovery is actually being determined to get better, which seems to be your case. Don't give up!<br />
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I am seeing a psychiatrist for bulimia along with depression (no surprise there) and it doesn't do wonders, but it's a step in the right direction. You should grab any opportunity to talk about your ED.<br />
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My psychiatrist has prescribed me a couple of anti-depressants. The first ones didn't work so yes, it might take time to find what works for you and that is not necessarily pills. Just give it a shot :)<br />
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Stop throwing up for good, as quickly as you can (easier said than done, I know!). We are scared to gain weight, but the purging messes up our metabolisms. So the sooner you stop, the more you can limit the damage to your body. Yes, you will obviously gain weight, but you can compensate by doing more exercise in the beginning to get your metabolism back on track.<br />
It's going to be a long way but so worth it!<br />
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Like puzzles100 said, get out before it's too late. I've had an ED for 12 years and quitting only gets tougher with time..

You get help as soon as possible, what you're doing right now just binging and all weight you gained, one day you will hate yourself and feel fat and then start doing the impossible to lose it back, and probably even worse than before. This happend to me I stopped throwing but I ate like crazy, gained 12kg and one day I just felt discusted from myself, I felt so fat and just wanted all the extra weight to go away. I started to throw up 3-4 times a day, and somdays I just starve myself, sometimes I used to exercise too while not eating anything that day, all of this to lose thise extra 12kg, and I did and now I'm back to my habit but its more consistent now. I just want to tell you while you stopped the purging part, go for therapy as soon as possible, the no.1 myth about bulimia is you can stop by yourself with no help, unfortunatley in my country this disorder is unknown and my family isnt supporting me.. I'm praying to God for a miracle<br />
Get out before its too late.. if you can do that

Hey ive been struggling for over 3 and a half years now ! I havent had any therapy as im not in the right place yet. U seem like u really want help! U should really go for the therapy, uve already nearly stopped the purging so they will help you control the binging x good luck with this x ever need to talk im here x