I'm Not Sure If It Even Counts...

Well, probably sounds extremely dense, but I'm not entirely sure if I have or not!

Don't get me wrong, I have forced myself to be sick after eating, but never for longer than a period of about a month, two months at the most, and never more than once or twice a week, maximum. It usually coincides with me being drunk and suddenly worried that I will put on weight if I eat anything...

Basically I decided a while ago to go on a diet, I've never been overweight but I wanted to lose a few pounds, and so I began skipping lunch, cutting down etc. And occasionally I did make myself sick, usually just through a lack of self control while drinking.

One of my best friends got pretty worried, but then again he does tend to overreact to things which sometimes sort themselves out in time. So I'm confused as to whether what I was up to was actually bulimia or not, seeing as it was pretty occasional. He constantly says it was, I personally think he's just stressing too much about something short lived.


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12 Responses Jun 10, 2009

No...but then again I didn't do it for very long...<br />
Maybe you should go back to the doctors? sorry, I honestly don't know...

hi, i beg you...<br />
any bulimics have esophagus problems, where when they eat, the acids come up, and it hurts the chest/esophagus/ sometimes reaching up to the throat...MORE like GERD or chronic acid reflux ON daily basis? PLS save my life and help me...I am on medication but my chronic reflux is so bad, it happens even when i don't eat, the acids crawl up my esophagus; i think its due to WEAK esophagus MUSCLES due to purging...I only purged 3 months, about 20 times and - ended up with this?<br />
<br />
anyone purges with such problems?<br />
<br />

Wow that's a long time, but yeah you need to be sure they'd have the right reaction I guess.

lol ano i just cant bring myself to tell anyone lol been like 4 years and they dnt even know lol

It's harder to tell the people you're closest to though I think, sometimes I could easily tell a stranger on a train my life story, but I wouldn't want to tell my best mate.

Im sure they understand :) I havent told anyone !! xxx

Exactly, I think they realise that...hope so anyway! X

Im sure they understand, everyone trys to push ppl away and not accept the help they actually need. You just have to think positive now that you have moved on and gotten over this :) xxxxx

Yeah I don't know, at the time I was pretty hostile to what I saw as inteference but I kind of feel bad now for being so horrible to people who were trying to push me in the right direction :/<br />
It must be really bad to be in that position, I feel for you a lot!

hey x so glad uve stopped now ! would have only got worse. I have no control over it anymore xxx take care xxx

Yeah, I think that's probably what I suspected. I don't do it now, I probably would have got worse if I had carried on. Thanks!

Well yeah you do. It's not really bad though. But please stop doing it! That's how it starts. You only make youself sick say once a week maybe twice. Then maybe you wont do it for a month but then you do it again. You get to the stage when you feel like it's okay to be doing it. That's when you start doing it three, four, five times a week and it could get even worse than that. You can cause problems witch could risk your health for the rest of your life.