People Just Don't Get It...

I know we live in an overly sensitive society as far as trying too hard not to offend or bother other people BUT I don't think people realize that a little thing they say can make a big difference to someone else.

ANY comments about weight (mine, others, celebrities) just make my insecurities about myself reassured. If people are making jokes or just noticing how much people weigh/gain/lose then it means that they are paying attention. This just reinforces that it does matter to people, because if it didn't matter they wouldn't notice.

It's hard enough going to a school full of tiny girls, and being from an extremely athletic and fit family. I already know I don't fit in, but it's still tough hearing that it's noticed from all angles. 

I don't go to extreme measures to lose weight for completely personal reasons (yes a lot of it is personal junk). If my family, friends, society, etc. didn't demonstrate that size was so important then I might be working my issues out in a different way...


Maybe that didn't make any sense, but it is just something that's been bugging me...

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3 Responses Dec 10, 2009

I know how you feel. Every day I go through the same thing, even If someone says you look weird and meant it in a good way I take it as a bad thing and end up trying hard to look better, thin, or just be better. I am not skinny I have an eating disorder, but still being called a whale because someone doesn't like me hurts so much that I go back on getting sicker. People don't understand how badly they can hurt your feelings. My grandma, Mother, Father, Sister, Sisters friends, my boyfriends friends, and my friend, all have called me fat, or you are gaining weight Lori, or in other cases my boyfriends friends have called me a whale... I am suffocating inside, I am destroyed and it is so painful everyday to feel like a giant pig that all I wish is to be the perfect girl they all want to see ... But is so hard to achieve that.

You are so right. When I was a child, I can remember the other girls making lists of who was fat and who was skinny. I can remember my Grandpa telling me my butt was getting big. Or being scolded by Grandma for eating a second brownie (in a way that made me feel like a giant cow!).<br />
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I get onto my husband about this. He'll say something to our 4 yo (weight related or not) and I have to remind him she doesn't get the joke!!! She's not overweight or anything, and he's not being hurtful on purpose; he just doesn't get it. I do, and I'll be damned if my child ends up with an ed like me.

I don't know who you are or where you com from... Bu i think i can safely say that it should not matter what other people notice. It should not matter that you dont fit in with your family in that one way. It only matters what you think. You fit with your family in probably hundreds of other ways. Weight may be an issue to the masses, but unless your unhealthily large, it wont matter to the ones that matter most. and if your fam gives you crap about the fact that your a lil overweight then that's their problem. not yours. despite all that they love you. and you love you. what else is needed.<br />
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I can't say i've never had a problem with self image. And i cant say it's been a big issue. But i do know once you realize that nobody's opinion really matters but you and your doctors, everything falls into place...