Highway To Hell ...

When I named a title for this story like that, I know ppl may think what a fool idea I believed. I started with Anorexia two years ago. I was recovered last year but then after gained more than 15 pounds, I felt so fat. Thats the reason I started bulimia. I thought it would help, but then I know Im on the highway to hell. Yet, I couldn't stop it. If I dont purge after eating, I'd feel so uncomfortable. It have became my daily habit but I still feel fine with it. At least its better than anorexia.

DollyDiva DollyDiva
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Please email me. We are so much alike i cannot even explain. i know where you're coming from.<br />

Today I did it again, I took my mom to have Ice-cream and I ate so much of it until my mom said, Dont you afraid of getting fat? then I told her I need to pee and went directly to the toilet and purge out :(

yeah i feel like that sometimes aswell dolly :( x

Sometimes I feel like there's nothing wrong being like this though I know its sickness but I tend to believe its fine :(

I hope you can get better too xox ~

Dolly i know what your going through hun. I dont have to binge always. Sometimes anything #i eat I have to purge. I feel so guilty about eating like a bit of an apple I have to make myself purge :( x I hope u can get better xxx

of course .. I would really love to .. :)

hii i agree totally with your title, ive been bulimic for a year and a half now, and it really is hell. i dont know how to get out. but i know anorexia is a prison too so i dont know if you want to talk (message lol) i guess here i am

thks I will :-)

I will :)<br />
<br />

i keep u in my good thoughts BBF and prayers..u can over come this..u are strong tigress BBF like me! tigress BBF ((HUGS)) i lov u always! u know i'm here for u!(Always)XoXo~

yeah, actually Im not emotional eater. I eat very nomal but still feel like to purge. :(

two evils not good..hugs..must try and control what u eat... :(

Thks Hunnn .. I will try but at least Im not anorexic anymore ;)

(((((HUGS))))))))))sweet lov.... i pray u can end this soon..u know i had eating disorders many yrs ago..i battle all and learned how to control..all forms of eating disorders!i pray u can too!!!!I lov U!! BBF holding u always never let u go!<br />
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it's dangerous..u can burst blood vessel in ur eyes,brain etc!ur teeth can fall out..etc..