I Want My Hair Back.

I used to have gorgeous curly hair. So much I didn't know what to do with it.  


I miss it. I'd kill to have it back.


But everyday it just gets thinner and thinner. I cry almost every time I get out of the shower. I cover up bald spots as best I can.

But the light shines right through it. It's so light the curl makes it bounce up above my shoulders. It's shorter than the last time I cut it.


I'm nourished; but I still purge, so I imagine it's the stress? or a chemical imbalance? ..I don't know...

Sadly, this is the biggest reason I want to recover. My hair.

Sure, the crazy and expensive lifestyle has something to do with wanting to diminish its frequency. I'm uncomfortable with numerous cavities from all the candy and a sensitivity to cold, not to mention the frequent acid reflux which makes me scared to kiss my boyfriend after meals. Absolutely, the weak heart has something to do with it. Losing sleep because I'm up late binging isn't much fun either.

But my hair... I'm losing my hair. :'(

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Our situations seem similar, i've been bulimic for about 3 years now and have been seriously trying to stop for about 6 months. I used to have the best naturally blonde hair that was full of volume and I had gotten comments on it from total strangers since I was just a toddler. But in the past year it has become so thin and just disgusting to the point that I too used to cry when I got out of the shower because so much hair had just fallen out. I tried taking iron supplements and extra B vitamins, but none of this really helped. I finally convinced myself to get a good hair just my hair used to be about 4 inches below my shoulders... I got about 4 inches cut off (that was Dec. 31) and since then it has DEFINITELY been growing with improved thickness. It's so hard to get it cut because you may fear it won't grow back (I know I did) but I think a solid cut will work wonders for you! Best of luck

It's strange to read stories from people who are experiencing the same things I am.<br />
I don't talk about it, because I tried that once, years ago when I was a teenager.<br />
My family was harsh, to put it mildly.<br />
My brothers would get angry and make comments about missing food.<br />
My mother would post Bible verses on the refrigerator, stand outside the bathroom door.<br />
My dad would yell at me, so loud I couldn't figure out if the moisture on my cheeks were my tears or spit spewing from his red-hot face.<br />
<br />
It's cliche to say "I feel so alone," but the truth is, I don't anymore.<br />
I don't acknowledge I have a problem. During the day, I act like I'm ok.<br />
My teeth hurt when I chew gum, but I'm ok.<br />
I can't eat chocolate because if I do, I'll eat the whole box. But I'm ok.<br />
Friends and guys I date think I don't eat enough, but I'm ok<br />
<br />
I hate falling asleep because this "I'm ok" delusion doesn't work anymore.<br />
I have nightmares. I feel stressed in my dreams. I hear coughing hacking sounds and dream that my teeth fall out, that my insides are stretched and will rip.<br />
I dream that I'll die soon.<br />
And I'm scared.<br />
I'm scared because sometimes I wish I just would.

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I feel the exact feeling you do