where do I begin? I am not sure who even knows if what I am about to write will make any sense... I'm sitting here tonight after what has been my third purge of the day and in one word I feel helpless... I have been bulimic now for going on what feels like eternitity or five years... I have had a few times when I have been able to stop and have thought I was cured of bulimia... wow was I wrong... it always comes back at that perfect weak moment when I am need of a companion because it is the one thing that feels like a person that will never leave me behind... I want so badly to not be like this anymore but I feel helpless... I think I am ready for help but feel as though I have no one to turn to... so if there is anyone out there I desperately need to know I am not alone... I can't do this anymore... I walk around everyday with this secret and just want to be better... just don't know how :(

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hey, i can totally relate and i agree with everything you said. you try so hard to stop and there are moments when you havent done it for a while and you get so excited because you have finally left it behind......or so you thought :(........somehow it always finds a way to creep back into your life. you hate it....but at the same time you couldnt live without it. you are not alone and if you want to talk i am here. <br />