Ah, My Italian Love

My boyfriend and I are both Italian. Which means eating is in our nature. We enjoy it-- It's fun-- It's an event.

HE, (haha) eats everything. I mean everything. The boy has a talent, really. (And he's definitely not tiny-- not big, but not tiny).

But I love it. That's one of those things I just absolutely love about him. He looks at life like, "Why would I want to die wishing I'd had that last fajita?" And honestly, I admire that kind of relationship with food: he LOVES it. He doesn't fear it.

The problem is, I want to kill my Bulimia. To do this... well --quite frankly-- I can't eat like a boy. At least not like he does, unless I'd like to immediately gain 30lbs once I give up the disorder that spawned from an obsession with weight... (No, thank you).

The harsh truth is that he's pretty much a bulimic's dream: he loves to eat, loves to eat A LOT, and loves to feed me.

But at the same time, I could not give him up for anything in the world. He makes me feel special and beautiful (without prompting) every single day. There's a part of me (that part that admires his relationship with food) that thinks someday he may even be GOOD for my recovery. The kicker is he KNOWS about the disorder-- the problem, the fear, my recovery... everything. He's supportive and wants to help. And he cares about me and my health sooo much.

BUT (a big but)-- he loves eating! A lot of food! *WITH* me! (Like I said-- Italian: it's an event.)

And I like it too. :) We have fun with it. We try new restaurants, we cook new dishes...

I was going to ask for advice..?

But, I have my answer-- I'm not giving him up. And I'm not asking him to change who he is.

I guess I'm really looking for support... and most likely, the strength to watch the numbers on the scale climb during my recovery (haha)..

Snoopy7Chaplin Snoopy7Chaplin
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 4, 2010

If you two have a healthy relationship with each other, keep it going strong. I have noticed with a lot of people that they are more willing to give up their health than to give up food. With bulimia, you can eat anything you want without consequence! Farthest statement from the truth as we all know. But it all seems so easy, which is one common reason we all searched the web and found this site. One word to put you in a healthy mindset: moderation. A word easily lost in the world of a bulimic, but something we should ALL strive for. Let your boyfriend continue to eat his manly portions, while you enjoy the same things, just as a single serving size. loading the vegetables onto the plate will look like you are eating the full meal experience and also feel like it without all the guilt and without the "urge". Maybe if you haven't already tried it, find new recipes to try together that are healthier or even a lower calorie version of what you love to cook. Seems like you have a very supportive guy who is open to try new things especially is it means it is benefiting you.