Burping Contest

I can burp pretty loud at will back to back. Let's say it's my hidden talent. LOL
I used to have burping contest with my brothers and other boys growing up. And once in a while I like to show off my "Abilities" with some people....mostly little kids. They think its cool and normally join me in my burping contest.
I don't normally burp like that around adults but one time not that long ago I was around a bunch of people and for a moment forgot and was not thinking and burped really loudly...I was behind this girl. After I burped I was so embarrassed she just looked at me and gave me a half awkward smiled. So embarrassed! I think my face turned red.
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5 Responses Jan 16, 2013

So hot! Email me a video of you ripping trucker burps?

Would you like to have a burping contest with me sometime?

would u want to have a burping contest?

I think girls who burp and fart and such are awesome. =)

I used to have burping contests with my young cousins, they always found it hilarious. ^^ I'm fond of both burping and hearing others do the same.

Thats so hot :) Would u ever be interested
In emailing
Me a video of u ripping giant burps?

HAHA LOL. no sorry... I take it you into burping fetish? tehe :P

Yeah I have one. But I. Actually planning on making a burping montage for YouTube :) and you'd be the star ;)

Idk why lol. But if u could send me a video by email itd be fantastic :)