I Had A Lover Who ...

I had a lover who was still occasionally seeing the man who had been her infrequent lover for over 5 years.

She is Scottish, and has a lot of body hair. She is plump, er, I mean "rubenesque", but that does not deter her from wearing a bikini (google wickedweasel). In june every year she gets waxed bare.

It was early May, and I knew she would be seeing him within 4 days. I trimmed her inner thighs using my battery-powered moustache trimmer, then thinned the rest of her bush down to 3/16" long. Carved the upper line to the top of a heart shape, formed the lower to the point of a heart. Left the mons 3/16" long to avoid irritation by her panties running.

She told me that he was VERY impressed.
JcksparrOw JcksparrOw
61-65, M
Dec 3, 2012