A Few Times!

I have called for an ambulance a few times for my mother. She has a heart condition and often forget to take her meds! My sister and her do remind her, but unless we stand over her and watch her take them, she will still forget. And with my mother's temper and sense of Independence, erm... neither one of us are brave enough to stand by and make her take them... as she would erupt into a rage!  Already, it's not to safe to remind her... as she will mumble that she's not a child. XD

Anyhoo, a few times she had to be rushed to the hospital. I rode along with her in the ambulance. And there were times that the ambulance had to be called for me! And my mother rode along with me.  :-)

So, if I had to count how many times I've been in an ambulance (counting her times and my own)... it's been at least over six times. =p

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1 Response Feb 13, 2009

Find a way to make her take her meds while you are there.