19 With Nhl

i found out i had non hodgkins lymphoma about a month ago i had a bulge near my groin around in feb and the docs thought it was a hernia but when i went to get it operated on they discoverd it was my lymph nodes swollen an did a biopsy anyway cut to couple months later an i found out i have cancer.
its weird cus everyday i wake up i have to still remind myself i have cancer so far ive done a biopsy gotten a portacath put in which is still healing an 2 days ago i got bone marrow taken out. i dunno when im gonna start chemo i hope its soon sence the doc says im a lvl 4 im not as worried as i feel i should be im jus annoyed really that this had to happen now i was about to go of to college and start ...i dunno probley a new path i had so much plans now everythins uncertain my college money is goin to my health im not complainin but thats my story .
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1 Response Aug 1, 2010

hi im 49 found out last year i im stage 1 non hodgkins ok right just get blood checked every 3 months. would love to chat . dont get on much i could use your help and i will do the same for you thanks!!!