Yup, I've Got It (Kidney Cancer)

Kidney cancer. Now I've only got one of 'em.

They tried me on something called Sutent, and that seemed to work, but the side-effects were untenable. Soon I'll be in an experiment evaluating a combination of Avastin with something else. I won't know if I get Avastin plus something-else or if I'm in the control group and get only Avastin. In any case, science marches forward.

So far the effects of the cancer aren't that bad (if you don't count losing a kidney as "that bad"). The fatigue really sucks, though. Good thing I have the internet to play around on, because I can no longer go hiking. I do miss that a lot.

There's a great quote by Samuel Johnson (attributed to Boswell, I think):  "Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully."

That is so true!  It's one thing to know that one day I'll die. Knowing that I might be gone six months from now has made every day extra special. Walking the dog is twice the treat it ever was, and sometimes this seems like one of the best years of the 54 I've been alive. It's amazing how things change when we pay attention to the moments.

So there's good stuff along with the suckage. We'll see how it goes from here.
TimXCampbell TimXCampbell
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I dont know you but you seem wonderful.a very strong individual.i want to send you a hug and blessings and a prayer..Miracles happen everyday,and prayer is a very powerful gift God has given us when we need him..Hugs to you..

dont lose hope. i pray you get better and that cancer disappears out of your body. lean on your faith. best of luck!!!!.

Best of luck, Tim! Don't know you but from your comments I think your friends and family would miss you very much.

Hey...I'm a registered donor of all organs and tissues, and a brand-new owner of a motorbike! <br />
I get enough head trauma, and two kidneys and a good liver are up for grabs... ;)<br />
<br />
Seriously, are you up for transplant? you're youngish and in good shape.

I'm not sure I'll be alive six months from now, so asking for a spare kidney would be a bit selfish, wouldn't it? Ride carefully, fellow biker!

One reason among many to know you while we can.

Do you think there is a relation>Pike County has trademarked itself as America's Energy Capital of the U.S. <br />
<br />
Kidney Cancer Rates Above National average<br />
http://statecancerprofiles.cancer.gov/cgi-bin/ratetrendbycancer/rtcancer.pl?035&0&21&00&1&0&1<br />

This is news to me. I'll look into this more thoroughly. I should mention that I've only lived here for four years. Prior to that I lived in Canada. But thanks for the info!

Sorry to hear about this news, Tim. I hope it's not just a 'coincidence' that I posted my question, but some underlying meaningful message.

I don't remember your question — I've answered several hundred in the past week — but it's possible it listed cancer or kidney or whatever as a related link and I jumped there.

if i die from anything other than drug or alcohol overdose you can have one of my kidneys.

MAY you always walk in beauty MAY your heart be happy and your days be bright......:)