Hi about six weeks ago I felt a lump in the back of my mouth. My wife decided to have a look and when she did she told me I had better go to a off to the local medical centre I went where the Dr there sent me straight to hospital, the ENT on had a quick look then asked me to come back on Tuesday to the clinic. So after two visits to the clinic they decided to surgicaly remove my right tonsil. During surgery the head ENT stoped the procedure as it was bleeding to much and his thoughts where it is cancer. They did a biopsy and I got the results last Tuesday I have Basaloid Squamous Cell Carcinoma. On Thursday and Friday I Have seen so many Doctors. They have told what I'm in for, (its not going to be nice) Tomorrow I have a PET scan to check that its know where else in me. (fingers crossed there) On thursday they are making my mask for the radiation treatment. next Monday and Tuesday they are extracting 4 of my teeth. My treatment is booked to start on the 1st of July.
onebiglump onebiglump
May 6, 2012