Thay Said That I Mite Have Cancer

Hi I am a mom of 2 kids and the Dr said last week that thay think thay found Cancer in me but thay got it all thay think.I have to go back in 4 mouths and then make sure it has not come back I am 33 years old my kids are 15 and 11 the Dr told my hussben that he had rever see this in a young lady before I am not going to just give up my kids still need me amd I need them,I am looking for some people that I can talk to that is going though the same thing as me to talk to
fracman1970 fracman1970
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3 Responses May 8, 2012

hi there fracman 1970 me his adult baby 247 and me needs afriend dat will chat with me hi have lost 2 of my sister and one of my brothers and one of my newpews to cancer my dear fwiend baby michael

Thank u two my kids keep me going thay donot know at this time.Thay are young kids and donot need to now what is goig on is that worng for use to do that

i don,t have the knowledge on this all i know is you can beat it the tech. is great today god bless and good luck vinny