I Have Cancer An Oligodendroglioma Tumor...

Well, 3 yrs ago, I had surgery to remove a tumor on my right temporal lobe..... It was gone. And for 2 years everything seemed going ok. Well, as of now, it is not. I had a "shadow" on my MRI right near my surgery, Dr. said it could be just scar tissue, but we will watch it to see if there is any change in color or size. As my follow ups progressed, the mass grew in size and due to the way it is growing, surgery would effect my ability to handle emotions and memories. I had the 23% chance spot radiation would shrink it enough to remove or hook myself up to the Alien blood Bag (my daughter calls the shiny chemo bag that) and see if it is possible to kill the tumor. Again, I have a less than 24% chance that i would live between my options. But I do not want to die in a hospital bed staring at the tearing eyes of my family. Its just not fair to them.
But I seem to be OK. As for my family I havent spoken to them yet. So I know life will become more stressfull after they are aware of my situation and my choices. But again, I am truly OK. What I know that will be the most difficult part, explaining my situation with my 12yr old daughter. She is such a smart girl and she has such faith in God. I know all parents say this about their kids, my Daughter,Laura Ann is perfect. Her attitude, manners, respect, honor, honesty, and she is a way above average student. But we do not share the faith, I do not look at the sky the same way.
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I hope you are doing well.