If You Find a Lump Anywhere - Go to Your Doctor

Early 2007 I noticed a very small hard feeling under my skin on my left leg.  It was about 1cm in size. I forgot about it for a few weeks and eventually went to the doctors. He took one look at it and said 'no need to worry, it is just a gathering of tissue'. I felt so much better after having seen him. But he wanted to be certain so I was given an appointment to see a specialist surgeon.

By the time the appointment came to meet the surgeon the lump had grown to about 3cm. He said something similar to the doctor, but added that he would like to remove it.

By the time of the operation to remove the lump it had grown to 7.5cm

Two weeks later I was back in hospital to have my stitches removed. My surgeon asked to see me as well. I went in to his office where he told me that he had the results back. The lump is called a Sarcoma. It is cancer.

My Mum died from cancer 15 years before, I watched her waste away for 12 months and I sat with her as she passed. I could not stand the idea of my two girls having to be a part of my death.

I was booked into hospital the following week for a second operation to remove all tissue, muscle, vein from the upper part of my left leg.

After that I was given 5 weeks to recover and then I was admitted to hospital for a week of chemotherapy and then home for two weeks, this was done for 12 weeks.

I am  halfway through a 7 week radiotherapy session. My leg is being badly burned by the radiation, but being Irish, I am used to sunburn.

I am walking quite well now. Constantly exhausted. Low energy levels. But I am happy and I am positive.

One of my current goals in life is to get people to see their doctors as soon as a lump is noticed. My Mum died from leaving it too long. I have massively reduced my chances of survival by leaving it too long.

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Can anyone help me it is bothering me so much. I have a hard lump on my shoulder about 2cm and is also about 2cm. They feel identical I went to my doctor 4 weeks ago she said the same thing just touched and said a lipoma. Now this second lump went to the walk in clinic and they wouldn't diagnose me the doctor is not free until next week Friday. I suffer with anxiety too need to know!!!

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I think ur truly increadable.......god luk mate xxx

you must have a strong inner strength thats all i can say i know that if i found a lump i would go straight to the dr to make sure but your attitude is what got you through it i take my hat off to you david.xx

I know as we all get older we try and try to rationalize the reasons we DONT want to see the doctor. It was not a good idea on my part either. My tumor grew into my blood supply for my intestines and can not be cut out. Chemo does not bother me, but I would rahter you shoot me than do radiation again.

I had a similar experience. I went to the Dr 2 days after finding the lump. I was sent for a mamogram and sonogram and told not to worry. Several months later I went to the surgeon and ask to have it removed because it hurt. Still was told it was nothing to worry about. A week and a half after surgury I went for a followup appointment and was told that it was cancer. Thus began the long journey of fighting cancer.<br />
I always encourage people to go to the Dr and stay on top of any changes in what they find. If they aren't comfortable with the Drs answer GET IT REMOVED!!!! Had I now waited there is a good chance that I wouldn't have needed chemo....but like they say, "Hindsight is 20/20 vision."

my mother died of cervical cancer last july 6, 2008.her cancer was gone but later on metastasized to the lungs.her doctor is so irresponsible not checking up on her body every month.before we were not aware that cancer can move to another parts.i was ignorant about cancer.doctors should educate their patients.we could have been more vigilant. we could have tried alternative medicine, there is one naturopathic doctor who recommends taking wheatgrass juice in powder form as a supplement for cancer patients and i believe it can cure cancer because i heard a lot of people get cured just by taking this. but for us, we were late, 2 days after we bought the said juice she was gone and she was not able to try it. i think you should try it because wheat grass can really help you win the battle. or maybe try other alternative medicine. i heard bad things about chemotherapy and i can prove that is all true because that is what happend to my mother so please study your options and get well soon.

Thanks Jenn. Your story is inspirational to me. David.

Your story is very inspirational and I admire how you use your experience to warn others to be cautious about any lumps.

My best friend's mother died from cancer. My friend was sure that he would die from cancer, too. Sure enough, this past December, he was diagnosed with cancer. But, this story has a happy ending. He underwent chemo and radiation and is now cancer free. <br />
<br />
Maintain a positive attitude, keep going back to the doctor for check-ups, and live your life to the fullest.

Wow, you have such an incredible attitude, and that makes a LOT of difference. I think it's great that you're trying to help other people. It's scary to go to the doctor, I think lots of people think (in their subconscious anyway) that if they ignore lumps they'll go away...or that if they never hear the word, they'll never have cancer. And if there is something to worry about, they've only made things worse by waiting.