How I Am Coping With Cancer

I was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer which spread to my ovaries, also known as krukenberg tumor. I took it very hard at first but I have accepted the reality of it and concentrated on getting better. I have to be strong for myself and the sake of my loving family, friends, and expecially my 3 year old daughter.

I began my first cycle of chemo at UCLA medical center on May 19, 2008 and just finished my second cycle of chemo yesterday. I was vfery scared at my first appointment because I didn't know what to expect. I may have been a little nauseous the first few days but it was not as bad as I expected. They have new medications now that help wih the nausea and vomitting.

My hair began to fall out after the second week. It fell out in chinks and it was devastating watching it happen. I ended up shaving my head which was hard for me too but ended up being better than watching my hair fall out in clumps. My mom and sister bought me a human hair wig as a gift and no one can tell I have a wig on. They assume I changed my hair style which made me fell more better.

I am taking it day by day and I am focusing on gertting better. I already feel my body healing which is very exciting. This experience has made me stronger and I know I am going to get through this. I plan to share my experience to help others with cancer now and in the future.

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You are love i am love all is love --- i am love you are love all is love Nameste
You are love i am love all is love --- i am love you are love all is love Nameste
You are love i am love all is love --- i am love you are love all is love Nameste

May God give you the courage to fight this through... There is a lot that can be done to cure your cancer. Prayers , love , some changes to your diet and it can all become better. Utmost is how you feel .. So stay strong coz u r here to live. Many blessings to you try some natural therapy .. Alternate medicines look weak but they are far more effective. God bless you

I really hope you get better. God bless you and be strong and persevere on.

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thank you and god bless..


Are you doing ok these data?

hi, Jenn, your story is extraordinary and very inspiring. I was diagnosed stomach cancer 11/6/2009. Possibly stage IIIa, still waiting for final pathology report after surgery. Will have report this week and start chemo shortly. <br />
I always remind me of my two beautiful kids (5 and not 2 yet) and my beautiful wife. They are my world. I will not let them down. I will beat this thing no matter what it takes. I've seen so many survivors and I will be one of them, so will you! <br />
<br />
Think positively, be tough, be strong. I hope you keep going strong!

Well I can only admire you, that you're so optimistic. I hope you'll be alright and I do pray for everyone who has cancer, because I know what it's like, because my mother had cancer, and I had to watch and support her at a very little age until she passed away...

or you could always keep all your information to yourself and let the others deal with it themselves and then just go on your merry way and die.