I Have Brain Cancer

I had a stroke 6 months ago and had a shunt inserted to releve the pressure
Last Friday i had an MRI to see if the shunt could be removed on the scan,
there were 2 dark spots on my brain and early this morning I had my surgery(10.5 hours ago) and at 3:00 this afternoon I found out I had brain cancer. I accomplished so much in my recovery, I feel this is a major setback
I want to scream but can't do to the stroke affecting my ability to talk.
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2 Responses Jul 17, 2012

I hope you have loving support. I feel you probably do since you are such a young person. Get ready to learn a lot but the important thing is believe in yourself - more than doctors. My wife had brain cancer. Anything they throw at you, you should handle just fine. Chemo, Radiaton, MRi's aren't too bad these days. Our doctors refused to provide the one thing that would have meant more than anything - hope. So whether your prognosis has an 80 percent of success or a 5 percent chance, just know that you are the one beating the odds. And please know that you won't have just a partial recovery - but a full recovery and be good as new. It's hard to say but the doctors we must go thru this journey with are basically idiots. With that statement I may have lost my credibility. But they are just normal people who follow all these 'protocols' to keep everyone's butt covered and 12 or 18 months down the line it seems the humanity is lost. Our medical system is good for the rescue therapy, which you're in now, but taking care of the patient long term isn't their bag. Thats why I mentioned the importance of you're own self confidence and your loved ones. My wife is an RN and a family law lawyer and was / is my sole mate. Take care. Be cool. Jim

My condolences. Will you go through chemo?