Cancer Can Be A New Beginning

I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in November of this year. I had a lumpectomy followed by chemo and am currently undergoing radiation therapy.
I'm feeling fine, I only missed 8 days of work plus the two weeks I had to take off after my lumpectomy. I feel very blessed that I've gotten through it so easily, I know a lot of cancer patients do not get so lucky. I've seen so many patients at the doctors office and in chemo that look so tired and weak and I thank god everyday I was spared that. Shallow as it is losing my hair hair was the worst part, the kids at the school where I work always told me how pretty it was.
For me my mental attitude has changed more than anything physical. I now know who I can count on, who will be there for me, and who I need to weed out of my life. Turns out I have only myself, my husband never went to chemo with me, only went to two doctors appointments, and generally never concerned himself much with my illness except maybe to say "why don't you take a nap". So my new beginning is going to start with looking out for me, and taking care of me, and not bending over backwards to take care of people who will never be there for me. Wow, that's a lot of me's, but for once I think it's okay. I've decided to join EP so I have somewhere to vent and not bother the people I thought were my friends. If anyone else needs support or encouragement I am here, and I can be a lot of fun when I'm not up on my high horse. Hope everyone is hanging in there, it does get better.
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My boyfriend of 4 years told me that I was selfish. I found out I had cervical cancer and took it really badly and then I experienced a death in my family. All in all my time had to be a bit focused on me. He would call to ask if I was ok , all the while telling me that his job was stressing him and that I was not helping him, at first I really did feel as if I burdened him so I kept me to me and dealt with it alone. In the end he left me saying that I no longer made him happy....In this way cancer really opens up your eyes and allows you to see people for who they are . I am glad we never got married or had children. <br />
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I am happy that you are so positive and that your treatment is not bad. YOu made me that much more hopeful, Thank you