Day Of The Nausea

Two days after finishing chemo, I thought I was done. Mild nausea, but I figured I escaped the worst of it. Yup, I was wrong.

I had to get up early this morning, 6 am, to go to the hospital for yet another scan. I get there, get out of breath and discover they have no clue who I am. When I returned home in the afternoon, I discovered it was nuclear medicine who wanted to see me. But the point was: I was outside without my usual meds. Then I have an appointment across town with my family doctor.

"Can you spot me a gravol--BWARRRRFFF!"

When post-chemo nausea hits you, it hits you in a wave, but somehow, it only came up as a dry heaves, but it was one of the strongest heaves I've ever experienced. The doctor gave me a bowl, but all I came up with is saliva and stomach acid. But oh boy, that was not pleasant. I had a prescription for anti-nausea meds in my pocket, so I rush to the pharmacy by next appointment. I patiently place my order, and wait. Then it hits again.

"Where's your bathroom?"

"In front by the customer service desk."

"Too late!"

The clerk gave me a plastic bag, and I dry heaved again (saliva, etc.)

Where's my bloody prescription? I took some Gravol, but that didn't help. Eventually the pharmacist comes over and gives me the medication. But fudge me, that was one of the worst feelings in my life.

Chemotherapy is a barbaric treatment, but it's the only hope we have. Something is really wrong with science if this is the best we came up with over 50 years.
IFeelSick IFeelSick
41-45, M
Sep 2, 2012