Leukemia 9/22/2012

I have some sort of acute leukemia. I will know more tomorrow after they test my marrow. If anyone understands and happens upon this, please send me a message. I'm waiting to tell friends when I know exactly. I'm 27.

It started with swollen gums, swollen glands, and swollen tonsils that wouldn't feel better, and random bruises appearing on my legs when I couldn't recall injuring myself. I went to the doctor for fear of losing my teeth. I thought it was gingivitis or something like that. Did blood work and the doctor thought it was viral...maybe mono. That was Thursday, and I found out the reality on Saturday, yesterday.

It all happened within 2 weeks at most, although I'd been stressed out from school and feeling tired before then. I was living more actively than in the past, playing tennis and doing yoga. 

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Hiya! Are you ok? I'm a Diffuse Astrocytoma (Brain cancer), but my best friend is an ALL. So I know about Leukemia. I'm 14.

My cancer came out of the blue. I'm willing to bet most of us never saw it coming and lived a pretty normal life up until cancer.

Hi Nebulous123, so sorry to read your story, did you stay with your family? I lost my father a year ago and sometimes I still cry.

thanks...yes i live with them. my deep sadness for your loss.

Most cancer types happen "out of the blue" -- some random genetic mutation during a normal cell division. If you were living a healthy life, then don't beat yourself up -- this was something outside your control. But now you have an opportunity to control it. You healthy lifestyle is a POSITIVE. The more active you can be, the longer you may live:


http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/prevention/physicalactivity (see Question 9)

yep...i do have a genetic mutation which makes relapses possible even with transplant :(