I Have Cancer As Well !!!!

Last November I went to see a Doc. at St. Marry's Hospital who is a specialist in urinary track of men and women. My PSA was at 3.6 then, he then checked me out and found that my prostrate was in larged so I was sent to Edmonton for a test that can see the prostrate and take byopse's and sure enough they found some tumors on the prostrate, where the Doctor could not fell them. So then my PSA went up to 3.7 in Feburary of this year. So I had to go to the Cancer Cross in Edmonton where we decided that I was to have the Beeds inserted into the prostrate, so now I have 115 little beeds inside the prostate doing there thing. This procedure was not bad but there were things that were not told to me at the time and they were I a bag attached to me because I was unable to pee, this friend was with me for 6 weeks, it became very painful and still is. But I am without my friend now what a releif. I had to quit my job because i became very sensitive to what people would say, if there was a sad peice of new on TV I would brake down and cry. At harvest I could not drive the big truck if the field was real rough because it bother my bottom end a lot. My wife and family do not realy know I am going through because I have chosen not tell my feeling. They know I am sick, my road to recovery was a road to hell and back, my emotion are deep with in me, but I do not have to go back to Cancer Cross until next June which is good. No one nows what we go through until you have to cross the bridge is all I have to say. So heads up. Bye for now.
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Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online so we can talk