My Twin Had Cancer...he Passed Away, Now I Was Just Is This Possible?

Hey, I was at the doctor's the other day because I fell down the stairs and he took a CT scan of my brain. Then today he gives me an appointment to have another CT scan and an MRI, because they found a spot on my brain. So my older brother takes me and I get the scans, then three hours ago he called our house and told my big brother that I have a brain cancer called Diffuse Astrocytoma which is apparently a second grade brain tumor. Because of the placement of the tumor I can't have surgery so instead I have to have several rounds of radiation. I just lost my twin three weeks ago from Kidney cancer...I must be cursed.
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I agree that you could and should pray. but in the mean time please start taking VIt. B and also DCA the powdered version to beat the cancer. Look up how the Canadians cure it. Its been known for many years already. So this horse that a farmer had ate a certain grass and when that horse ate that certain kind of grass it got cured of the cancer. When it stopped eating that grass it got sick again. So even the not so bright farmer figured out that that grass over thar is good for my horse. So the news got out and the found out the horse had cancer. And the grass turned out to contain DCA. Disodiumacitate if mixed correctly with Vitamin B it cures cancer.

Unfortunately, it's pretty common for if one twin had cancer, the other will eventually. I know two women, one had lymphona and the other has leukemia. They were twins. Don't take cancer as a death sentence, because it's not. The only true death sentence is life.

Etta died last Saturday from complications due to her tumor, just letting you know.

Thank you, Now I just have to try and get my big brother unglomped from my side, I am only 14.

Don't be afraid, don't give up!(you've probably heard this before because it's true) If you can fight with your mind as well as your body you could be a survivor! I'm sorry, this must be devestating for you but the purpose of life is not to wait for the storm to pass but to dance in the rain! I hope this helped and don't give up the fight!