Mixed Results

So after 5 chemo cycles, the oncologist says two of the big tumors shrank (quite a bit), but the smaller ones seemed to have grown by up to 1cm. I feel pretty damned good actually, so he says that's more important than what the CT scan says, but still, it feels frightening and a little bit of a set back.

Anybody else have experience with "mixed results"?
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2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

I agree that you could and should pray. but in the mean time please start taking VIt. B and also DCA the powdered version to beat the cancer. Look up how the Canadians cure it. Its been known for many years already. So this horse that a farmer had ate a certain grass and when that horse ate that certain kind of grass it got cured of the cancer. When it stopped eating that grass it got sick again. So even the not so bright farmer figured out that that grass over thar is good for my horse. So the news got out and the found out the horse had cancer. And the grass turned out to contain DCA. Disodiumacitate if mixed correctly with Vitamin B it cures cancer.

I feel sick-
I am a nurse and I was wondering what we can do to be more compassionate to our cancer patients?