So Far Things Are Good!!!!!

Went to visit my doctor today, I received good news as far as my CANCER is. My PSA has droped a lot since May which as far as I know is good. So I have reason to celibrate tomorrow night with my cousin and with my friends Saturday Night.

Its a relief to get good news like this, because one always worry about this bad disease, as I am way to young yet to die from this disease. I worry about this even when the doctor was happy with the way things went, but I am the one to judge that, this were not as rosey as they lead on, trust me. There is a long road of recovery, I call it the road to HELL and BACK.
I whish this disease on no one, it is just terrible to go through this basically by myself, on one nows what it is like until you have to go through it. So for now I can move on, be happy, spend quality time with family and good friends.
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3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

hope you will be well n fine soon:)lots of best wishes for you and your family:)

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thank you and god bless..

Congratulations I'm happy you got good news I hope you come out of this with the best news yet when beat this!