A Man Named Tommy Chong Got 99% Cancer Free

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Soursop Leaves are number 1 Treatment for cancer in the world, why don't you try this.

Not only cannabis...has the power to cure. Lemon & H2/O2 which is food grade hydrogen perioxide. The citrus in lemons attack cancer from the outside, H2/O2 kills the cancer from within. Cancer cannot live in an oxygenated invironment...the oxygen bombards the cancer cells like Pac Man chewing pellets. The FDA will not admit such...there's nothing in it for them. FDA makes money by way of drugs, if it's not a drug the FDA won't recognize it. They can't make any money off of lemons and food grade hydrogen peroxide. Therefore they can't call it a cure. It's all about the money.

It has been my best medecine of choice while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments... in comparison to pharmaceutical drugs, it has been my lifesaver! I encourage all those that suffer of cancer or any intestinal diseases to try cannabis as it will relieve so many symptoms that pharma drugs will NOT. Also, cannabis may be taken in many ways if you don't like smoking. I make tea from the stems. :) I sleep like a baby at night and during the day, it opens my appetite and it eliminates my nausea so that I may be able to eat and stay alive.

I send you all my love and strength from God above as prayers always help.


Thank you for being accepting of me. What kind of cancer is this?

idk the man had prostate cancer now he is 99% clear of it i have heard it cures all kinds of cancer

You have cancer? I didn't know that... so do you use weed to help you?

i dont have cancer i just posted it and hope it would help any one