T was diagnosed with cancer in may 2012 my life is in turmoil and i feel like ending it
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thank you and god bless..

Cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence anymore. Depending on what kind and what stage it was detected, there are a lot of things that can be done for you. I was diagnosed with breast cancer nine years ago, I did exactly was I was told to do, exercised, ate well and made sure I stayed healthy thru my treatments. it's been nine years and I'm still doing well. talk to your doctor, don't give up.

Rshort2- Let me shed a little light here for you.....first cancer is far from a death sentence...heres April my 12yr old son was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 4B...advanced cancer. Two weeks later as he was starting his chemo treatments I was diagnosed with prostate cancer....alll this 2 weeks after my divorce was final after 25 years of marriage.....sound crazy? nope it was reality and I lived it. NOW for the good news here it is not 8 months later and my cancer has been removed my son has had a complete metabolic response to chemo and we are both cancer free! I know its tough and sometimes ya think "to hell with it i cant take this anymore" i know i did that very thing...but i fought through it and now life has returned to me and my son. Thank god...its a tough road but its one you have to travel. Keep loved ones near and follow everything the doc tells ya to do;. Get plenty of sleep and eat well...ask for a nutrionist. Remember one thing for sure...theres peole out there that need you in their lives....if thats not enough to fight for....what is? hang in there it will get better before too long. One thing..... lifes meaning will change for you... it will be a much better place to be and the roses never smelled so good.......when the cancers gone...check it out youll know exactly what i mean...........good luck and may god bless you