Depressing End

i think i have cancer and dont think i have much longer left. i have found the love of my life and it hurts so much. i love her with all my heart, and just found a job and i owe my mom 4,000 dollars. i feel so selfish and ashamed that i havent told anyone. i just dont know how i can tell someone. i mean im pretty sure im going to die. and i dont know if i could take it, all the people i know and love knowing im going to be gone. i think about this every single day.
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I agree that you could and should pray. but in the mean time please start taking VIt. B and also DCA the powdered version to beat the cancer. Look up how the Canadians cure it. Its been known for many years already. So this horse that a farmer had ate a certain grass and when that horse ate that certain kind of grass it got cured of the cancer. When it stopped eating that grass it got sick again. So even the not so bright farmer figured out that that grass over thar is good for my horse. So the news got out and the found out the horse had cancer. And the grass turned out to contain DCA. Disodiumacitate if mixed correctly with Vitamin B it cures cancer.

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thank you and god bless..

I know it's really hard and you think by not telling them that you're protecting them from the hurt from your illness but you're only making the hurt worse or turn to anger if you keep it from them for too long or if it ends up too late.. My grandmother was the last person that I told, I didn't want her to hurt and bring back the memories from my uncle passing from cancer.. When I told her she was of course sad and scared but then got a little mad. She explained how hurt she would've been finding out by a piece of paper or a stranger from the hospital because she had no idea. She knows the basics of what's going on with me medically but I spare her the day to day basics of my symptoms.. Hope you're doing ok :)

Meant couldn't handle it except for my loving boys

I just got my news to... still haven't processed it just going through the motions... to numb and sick to care at this point.. I could handle it if I didn't have 3 boys. (14,5,4,).

Take the job...that way you can at least afford to go to the doctor for tests.