Its A Miracle I Survived Cancer

Hi, I am Michael Donald fron Canada. I saw your confession and I was moved by your post... Maybe I can say its a little thing because I have encountered so many cases of such which I introduced them to their cure. Yours might be fortunate also, but before that I need to seek your indulgence concerning your issue. I was once a cancer patient, I was diagnosed about 2 years ago and my neighbour introduced me to one doctor in his home country, I felt reluctant going at first, but when I started feeling inconvenient inside me, I nedded to subject to his advice, so I took the step and tgis is me today sharing my testimony with you. I was tested okay in five different hospitals. So its now your choice if you want to take this step I took, I will be waiting for your response, take care.
michaeldonald1138 michaeldonald1138
46-50, M
Jan 4, 2013