Cancer? What? You Mean I Have It?

These were the first words I said to my doctor after she told me that I had cancer a couple of months ago.

I had just watched my uncle die of liver cancer in November and I'm thinking am I going to die like that.
I just had a baby for godsakes, I can't have cancer, no way, but it was so true.
This is a club the no one ever wants to join and I certainly didn't think I'd join it.
I haven't been focusing on the cancer, I've been focusing on getting better and living one day at a time and being thankful for being alive right now.

I have uterine cancer and at the end of this month I will be havng a total abdominal hysterectomy.  Yes, I am very afraid.

I have cancer, for days I refused to say it because I thought if I said it then it made it real.  I have cancer.
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11 Responses Jan 12, 2013

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I Iwas happy to read of your son .... but the cancer makes me VERY concerned. How are you doing?

All my best.

I'm doing a lot better. Thank you for asking.

I agree that you could and should pray. but in the mean time please start taking VIt. B and also DCA the powdered version to beat the cancer. Look up how the Canadians cure it. Its been known for many years already. So this horse that a farmer had ate a certain grass and when that horse ate that certain kind of grass it got cured of the cancer. When it stopped eating that grass it got sick again. So even the not so bright farmer figured out that that grass over thar is good for my horse. So the news got out and the found out the horse had cancer. And the grass turned out to contain DCA. Disodiumacitate if mixed correctly with Vitamin B it cures cancer.

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thank you and god bless..

"Fear is useless, so rely on strength." Good thing you know how to put those words in your actions. I'm rooting for you.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Hey when I was diagnosed with Hodgekin Lymphoma in 2011 it was a shock. No body wants to be sick. Went through chemo and radiotherapy and Now I am doing fine by God's grace.

You know what, positive thinking and words of encouragement strengthen our immune system and help us to be healthy.

During chemo I used to read Psalms ( I finished the whole book ) and the words in Psalms ( all the words in the Bible) are LIVE and ENCOURAGING. Keep reading Psalms chapter by chapter and pray to God and ask him to heal you.

According to John 14:14 if you ask anything in Jesus's name you will receive. My prayers are with you! Hope you will rejoice this year coz this is a year of Accomplishment of God's promises ( rejoicing) !!!!!!!

Cheer up!! :)

Your words of encouragement are comforting. You're an inspiration, thank you.

Thinking of you.

Thanks for thinking of me.

I truly believe that you will be OK. Whatever you're going through, I will always be there for you. I love you.

Love you too!!!

In our darkest days, we have to be at our strongest to overcome the shadows of our lives ... I don't know who you are but you'll be in my prayers and thoughts ... Please do whatever is necessary to get healthy again!

Thanks for this.

Stay positive and strong. You are a hero for being so brave and I hope you realize that. Good luck with everything and I hope that you make it through this all well. Stay beautiful. Xx

Thank you.

stay positive and keep fit eat healthy and no mater how hard it gets dont give in

Thank you, I'm not giving up, I've got soooo much to live for.

add me if you want to talk more i have had cancer at 13 and still need treatment