I Thought It Was Just a Ear Ache!

and all I thought it was a ear infection, HA, boy was I wrong. I have throat and neck cancer. So far I have had 5 operations, a trach put in, a feeding tube and radaition and chemo has taken my epoglotis and now I can't eat, drink or talk. I think back about taking these things for granted, you are hungry, make a sandwich, now it is, hook up the feeding pump and open a can of optimental and let it pump in my body...You want to comfort someone with the write things to say....now, I write a letter or e-mail someone. I am not complaining, I am still alive. They gave me 6 to 9 months to live....and here I am. Cancer sucks....but it also makes you appreciate the little things in life that everyone (including me) takes for granted. I love stronger, I have more faith than ever before, I think more....I realized that I have a wonderful family, whether it is here at home or my cousins that live in Ohio, my brother in Texas, my sister in Michigan....they all are part of my struggle and my survivial....And for that alone....I accept the gift of cancer, even though it sucks.
Debijean Debijean
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3 Responses Oct 29, 2008

My sister has an awful ear ache and has anaplastic thyroid cancer. She is in the same position as you with the feeding tube. She doesn't sleep well because she is choking and coughing up mucous. She can not talk anymore and has lost alot of weight. Her last treatment was in January and sometimes just falls out. Going today for a cat scan. What do you think it will show. She was diagnosed in September, after a bout with breast cancer.

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I'm so sorry. My boyfriend has cancer- lymphoma. He was in remission but after only 2 weeks it came back. I'll be praying for you. Thank you for making me realize i need to be thankful for the little things.