I Have Cancer ,but It Does Not Have Me

i have been fighting prostate cancer for 7 years now , it has been awful , i would never have chosen cancer from a drop down menu , but i must say it has changed my life greatly . i have become so much more aware , thankful ,appreciative ,loving ,and caring. i guess it is not what you have , but how you handle it . it has caused the best in me to come forward . so , for those of you that suffer , look for the good that can come from your problems ,with light ,love ,and care   elo

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Good work Childoftheland...

I'm happy to hear you are doing good..

Please share my website to others that might need you still might like it. I talk a lot about the years after treatment too...I have learned that sometimes after treatment can be the hardest..

well sounds like you are from Hawaii...I'm jealous I wish I was there. :)



Thank you Travis. Well, this story was back in March - I am through the radiation. All tests show that there is no cancer in my body. I am on the watch list and will test every 8 weeks. I am not a huge fan of PT, CT, etc., etc., etc., but it is better than the alternative.

I think my emotional state has aided greatly to my overall health and my recovery. Attitude goes a long way.

Your site is fantastic - thanks for sharing.

Aloha and Mahalo,


amen to that...great post..keep up the good news...I'm 15 years cancer free and I feel the same way..

I'm here free of charge for support..I have helped thousands with my newsletter...Please check it out..

Remember Keep Smiling


Thank you for your story and the comments.

I was recently diagnosed with a very rare Melanoma and am just starting radiation. What I find most difficult is the fear of the unknown, leaving behind my 6 year old son and being in a lot of pain.

With that said, I am trying to view each day as something magical. What will I get from today, how will I treat those around me; where will I find joy?

I found an incredible amount of joy just waking up - seeing the sun rise over the ocean; looking at my little boy's peaceful sleeping face; and knowing that life is full of uncertainty. Hell, I could get hit by a bus, and if I lived life with that in mind all day, I would never see anything but the front of a bus.

I want to see people smile; the rich colors of fresh vegetables; seeing my son tie his shoes perfectly without help; the pride on my babysitter's face as she takes first chair in her school band; the satisfaction I feel when I complete another chapter of my novel; and so much more.

How would I see all those things if all I looked at was the cancer?

Thank you folks for allowing me to see.