To Die For.... there is a word all of us with cancer share....but in the world of my journey with dying, I have found out that the word die has so many different meanings, why should I need to even use it when I write.

    I mean, there is "to die for" or "they would just die if they saw that", "I am dying to tell you something" and so many more.

   Thats why I love the word life....It covers just as big as the word die, but oh, when you say live or life....the meanings are endless.

   So that is why my experience with having Cancer is a journey, a life changing experience, I live to tell stories of my journey, life is so good to us, throw away the things that are making you "to die for", and start collecting things and memories that will last a lifetime, whether it is your lifetime or mine......LIVE. LOVE. LAUGH AND SING....DANCE, STOP AND SMELL THE HONEYSUCKLE....Wow, what great things we have to live for.

Debijean Debijean
56-60, F
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Now look at us, all on a awesome journey and facing each day with the fullness of what life has to offer us, and many times, we see things that we grasp and hold inside us that many never experience, because they were worried where that may take them. I found that the beauty lies within all of us, and we just have to spread the news that everyones journey is just as important to them as our journey is to us. It is never too late to Stop...Look around and see what is right in front of us, I see the beauty of the trees, the wind, the song of a bird...all right within our reach. <br />
And life, it is a beautiful thing..

Debijean, I'm glad I could share my story with you. You have just a great attitude towards life. I hope I can keep on maintaining that attitude just like you are doing. And "childoftheland" hang in there. I hope you beat the odds and survive and live as long as you can.

Thank you so much for that Debijean - I am in my third week of Radiation (5 more to go) after surgery and a hellish emotional rollercoaster. I have a very rare type of Melanoma (one that is being treated by a gynecological oncologist) with the doctors terming it "very poor prognosis". Survival rate past 5 years is almost nil (2%), but I refuse to be one of the poor prognosis statistics.<br />
<br />
I love life, and intend on living it without acting as if I am dying. I have a great appreciation and a whole new perspective on things.<br />
<br />
I love hearing stories like yours and Pedro's. Thank you both for reminding me what is important!

I also live life to the fullest, more now that they insist on putting a time limit on my life, but I found this not only made me live for the day, but I live for the moment to moment, finding there is soooo many things to enjoy right here at home, iv's in, feeding tube hooked up and trach, so I don't talk, but I still can live, every second of everyday, and I don't have to do the things I wanted to do, I do what lies ahead of me every second of every day, and have no regrets, of anything that happens.<br />
Cause with love, only good comes to the surface, and the rest of the junk, sinks down, down, down, untill it disapears and you find, it never was important anyhow.<br />
Congrats on being in remission. I am so so happy that we can share this time with you and you share this time with us. Debijean

I have multiple myeloma. I'm in a complete remission now. I hope to stay that for awhile. If it wasn't for the medical people at the Hemotology-Oncology Ctr. where I go for treatment, I wouldn't be here. I still have a long way to go. Sometime in the future I will have a bone marrow transplant. The reason I am doing fine is I had to get over my depression that I was in for quite awhile. By doing that, I had to stay active with my grandkids school and sports events. That took my mind away from repetitive thoughts about tramatic events in my life. I stay busy in my life and look forward to being alive. I don't even think about the possibility of death. I do everything I want to do now, I don't put off anything I want to do now. I live for today.

I believe the reason one enjoys things is because they can see a reflection of themselves and sometimes can not express it themselves, but when they read it, they go...........Ah...........I know what you mean. <br />
And no, my journey and words are sealed in my heart.

I hope you are keeping a collection of all your beautiful stories and thoughts about life. I love reading your stories because they are uplifting and inspirational.