Talking to a Angel....

   After hearing the news that they wanted to put me into Hospice, and kindly my family and I turned them down.  I needed to vent....All my joy was gone...What to do?

   I sought after my angel...oh, it took a few hours, but it was well worth the wait.

   As I ranted on and on, I realized I was letting the doctors take my joy. I love the life I am leading, I love the journey I have been on.

   Was it a answer from my angel? Did she tell me and I didn't hear her?

   All I know is that I have made the right decision for my journey, I am going to be home....with my family. And everyone agrees.  My joy is back, I have my life back. Whether it be a day or 100 days, in my heart, Patti was right here with me, my angel helped me through what could have been waste of energy and time.

    Now, back to enjoying my journey.............

Debijean Debijean
56-60, F
7 Responses Feb 24, 2009

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Remember Keep Smiling <br />
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The time has come and I am in home Hospice Care now. It really isn't that different, I am still on my journey, I am with my family at home. I may have had to take a short pit stop to "get it all together", but we decided as a family, that home hospice care was a good decision, and now my family and I can enjoy this journey together, home and with ya'll here at EP. I am not planning on going anywhere but on my journey, and that sometimes is just outside my back door...Debijean.

I admire u.i send u a very big hug.u might not hear ur angel but u felt it..

I am pleased to have you along for the ride, I have found that life is such a gift, so precious to us, that sometimes, it just slips by and we let it get away, on my journey, we stop, we look and we love. It is a fight, sometimes we have to take pit stops, but the best part is that no matter what, we are never alone with friends, Even when you feel alone, you are not...and that is a good enough reason for me to get up and go on and on and on, experiencing new things that have been right in front of me for all these years. <br />
Accept challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory. <br />
And remember, there are no shortcuts to any place worth going..........

On my journey home, the roads have had their ups and down, but knowing the desination and getting there is no problem. The life I have been given, the things I have and will see, are all wonders like a child seeing snow for the first time, or your first snow-angel. <br />
I feel when the time comes, my angel will be holding my hand...being with me as she has throughout my life. The new journey will begin as this one ends. I love the sun on my face, and seeing our tulips coming up are a miracle itself. <br />
Thank you for experiencing life with me through my eyes........I will try to take you to places you have been 100 times, but we will look at it through my eyes. Thank ya'll.

Life is definitely a journey....and returning home to our Father in heaven is the beautiful bridge to cross. He is full of love for us, unconditionally awesome. I crossed over for an all tooooo brief time.....didn't want to come back here.....had to because my son hadn't been born yet.<br />
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Love and hugssss sister....bask in the light !

You are so lucky to have such a loving family. Doesn't hospice offer home care if it's needed? Tomorrow you can sit with the sun on your face and look at the tulips and all the beauty around you. Thanks for picking some for me! God bless you.