Hiding a Tumor Under My Tongue

Diagnosed on 1 Aug,.2007 with a 1cm tumor under my tongue. I am healthy and have no smyptoms nor pain. The discovery process took 1 month. The treatment phase has been in process for another month, and as of 28 Sept. 07, I have had no treatment. The head chemo doc. at UCSF tells me we will begin next week with chemo. Is this long delay normal?
Macchu Macchu
70+, M
7 Responses Sep 27, 2007

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Definately see if you can get treatment asap. It doesn't sound like you are in dangerous stages, but if left too long it could be, not to alarm you. Unfortunately, my mothers treatments were prolonged and if I had known what I know now, I would have been onto them sooner... best of luck, and maybe look into goji juice and noni juice and particular diets maybe with a natropath to help you along the way.

I was only given two weeks to give my body time to heal from the lumpectomy before I stared the radiation. Macchu, sounds like he has been waiting two months before anything was or has been done, That is a long time...

i had my surgery to remove my tumors in febuary,but they did treament for about 7 weeks because i was giving my body to heal. so that normal. i hope you will<br />
be ok. i just like to know ,did they take the tumor out of your tongue or what did they do?

It does sound like they have been dragging their feet, or someone has dropped the ball. I know when I heard I had breast cancer I wanted it out yesterday and I pushed to get my lumpectomy the same week. You have to be proactive as humdinger has said, don't let them yank you around.. Best of luck and keep us informed.

This sounds like you need a second opinion as quickly as you can get one. Be proactive in pursuing your medical options; it's your best chance for a positive outcome.

Best of luck with your treatment.