I Need Help!

I have pancreatic cancer of the bile duct.  I am looking for someone who might have the same.  My bilirubin is so high I haven't had chemo for 7 weeks and am getting a little anxious.  I am doing other things in the meantime, but still need help to thing the bile down coming from my pancreas.  I was diagnosed in April of 2007 so I am fairly new to this.  I have two permanent stints in the bile duct, but for some reason the bile is very thick and having a hard time getting out. 

I am still fighting and will continue to fight this thing they call cancer but it weighs very heavy on my husband. 

If anyone can give me some advise please do so.


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I will pray for u too... but a prayer on your own with true conviction and repetence will be more mighty a billion fold than my own prayer if you are not a believer of christ and would like him to come into your life to help and heal u. I have been personally heal by the Lord Jesus from so many illness though not cancer but many people in my church have been heal by cancer. it wonderful to see them having a new lease of life... i am not forcing you... but you can try it... there no harm to it... God bless you and may he heal you...

I am sorry that I cannot be of much help. I remember that moms treatments stopped quickly when her kidneys shut down in reaction to a build up of chemo. She spent months on Dialysis not well enough to take chemo. They found a hospital down in Texas (we live in KY) that is well known, but at this moment the name is escaping me until I call my sister. When mom got well enough to travel she went and they had teams of doctor (doctors each with different specialties heart, lung, brain, all areas of the body working as a group) focus on her for like a whole week coming up with a list of chemos that are not filtered by the kidneys and hormone treatments that attack the cancer differently from chemo and learning as much about her case as possible to give advice. She said the people there were not always the most pleasant people but they gave us a list of things to do. I gave us a huge list of information for treatments, pain management, nutrition, ect. tailored to her specific odd case. It gave us the information to battle on for our last 3 years. She with her doctors back home in KY would pull from this list when backed into corners or stumped. Mom always kept rolling with the punches to keep treatment going. But she also figured out specific times and events that were important enough to skip treatment (trips she wanted to go on ect) When ever she was not being treated she took extra time do things that made her happy. Again I am sorry I cant be really informative and smart, but this is all I remember. Best wishes.

In my med terminology course, I recently learned what bilirubin was. After reading your story, I began looking at literature about pancreatic cancer. I feel for you and your husband. I may not have any advice but I do support you two.

just hang in there. i know its a very hard thing going through and especially your family. this is my third time going through this. you have everthing going through your mind at one time i dont if i didnt have my husband to go through this with with me. i know that it is tough on him. i have 4 months of chemo. my next doctor was good., i have a chechup in december. i still get so worry even if i have a pain or something. just let me know how things go with you. cathy

My prayers are with you, God Bless

My Mom has a different type of cancer from you. She has Multiple Myeloma. She has had it for almost nine years. She still after all that she has been through believes in mind over matter. You are in my prayers.

Just want you to know you're wellness is in our thoughts and prayers. We hope you will start to feel better very soon.