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I Have Cancer Too

I'm 27 and been fighting cancer for almost three years now. It started in my colon and I beat that, in 2006 it spread to my liver and I beat that, this year it has spread to my lungs and I'm fighting that I was supposed to have my last chemo yesterday but they've picked up more nodules in my lungs and a growth on my one ovary. So I start all over again. I've been engaged for 3 years and want to marry the most understanding patient man in the world. He is really one in a million but I'm not sure I want to make him a widower before he's had a proper chance to be a husband. I'm not afraid of dying it's what it's going to take to get there that I'm scared of.
Beverley Beverley 26-30, F 71 Responses Oct 18, 2007

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Never give up, and never accept no as an answer. My sister has been fighting cancer for about 8 yrs now. Bowel, then liver, then lung, back to the bowel. 3 yrs ago when it went to her lung, they told her there was nothing more they could do, and gave her 3 months to live. her friends took her to the Dr and said NO, we wont accept that you cant do any more, so they gave her chemo, she went into remission. It did come back to het bowel, and she is waiting for another round of chemo. She will not give up. Stay positive, and as active as you can... I wish you well

Hello, I'm here to give cancer sufferers real hope. There is a doctor named Dr. Leonard Coldwell who has spent his life curing thousands of cancer patients naturally--no chemo, no radiation, and no surgery. He has many videos on YouTube and he will freely give you information on natural cancer cures that the drug companies don't want you to know about. Every cancer is curable. Nobody has to die of cancer or go through the painful treatment of chemotherapy. Dr. Leonard Coldwell will give you free information on how easy it is to cure cancer with natural products and why the medical profession are not allowed to use these treatments.

The war on cancer is a fraud. It was proven in the 1930's that cancer cannot survive in a body that is oxygen-rich. There are a variety of things you can do to make your body oxygen-rich. And this is just one of many natural cures. Dr. Leonard Coldwell will give you all this information. He has cured thousands of people. He has been threatened by the medical profession and still receives death threats to this day. But the choice is yours. What have you got to lose? At least watch some of his videos before you make a judgment. Cancer is one of the easiest diseases to cure. Don't fall for the lie that there is no cure and that chemo and radiation are the best treatments. Another video on cancer cures is "A World Without Cancer." Take the time to look up this information and it will give you real hope.


Soursop Leaves are number 1 Treatment for cancer in the world, why don't you try this.

Live life to the full while you can. Taking the decision away from him would be like depriving yourself and you taking the decision without his input. You guys are a team, you are all in it together. I am 42 and never been married or engaged. Being loved back is hard to find. Being married mite you give more strength to fight harder and may prolong your health a lot longer. You never know. I hope you get through this once again. Wishing you a speedy and happy recovery.

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thank you and god bless..

Screw your worries about making him a widow. If he loves you and you love him, and if it is a healthy relationship. As in, you have reciprocating love and joy and respect for each other. Then get married tomorrow girl.
That is one thing I can say with precise certainty. Do not create worries about him for him. Ask him, "are you cool with marrying me with the idea that I could die and make you a widow?" People die in car crashes and a million other ways ever single day. Go for it girl.
BTW- I've had multiple myeloma for 5 years. I was married for 22 years to a very angry nasty controlling woman. I've been divorced for 2.5 yrs. I totally 'wrote off' women and relationships for the first 2 years. I was trying to figure out what I wanted in life. I also did not want 'locked' into another relationship like my very yuck ex.
It took me 2 years and a lot of tears to realize that I don't want to be alone in this crazy life. I dated an incredible woman for 5 months and I grew as a person so much. But sadly, she moved to Hawaii 3 months ago. After finally letting her go, as girlfriend, I met another woman, and we have met only one week ago. But, hey, so far, so good. I am trying very hard to take it slow, she too. But we have a physical attraction. And we have been able to hold each other in our arms. AND it feels very good. I am going for it, so to speak. She is aware of my disease, and she has concerns that we might fall in love and I will die too soon. We are taking it one day at a time, but I plan to love her with all my heart and see where it goes.
If you have that now? Girl,, go for it. I'm not sure how to say this, but if your partner is cool with you health situation, then it is not fair of YOU to deny him your love, no matter if it is for another month, day or hour.
With much love and care,

Hello Beverly. I am a Reiki master and spiritual healer. I found out of a possible cure for cancer it is called Essiac tea, it is a mixture of herbs know to be cancer inhibitors. <br />
Also. I found another one. It is Baking soda and molasses. Take one level teaspoon of baking soda NOT POWDER and one spoon of molasses. After a week increase baking soda to one and a half teaspoons then two. You will find it one youtube. Essiac tea type it in browser. Lastly Kefir, look up this amazing herb. If you want some i have some dont buy it. bob

Cancer can be fix with reflexology.<br />

USANA can help!

I don't know what exactly to say but I feel that I should let you know that I support you and wish you the greatest happiness in the world.

Your story is so moving. Cancer is truly a devastating disease. I lost my dad to cancer and I can resonate with anyone going through a "cancer" experience.<br />
As a result, I have been on a mission to equip people against the debilitating effect of diseases. Plain and simple, I hate and abhor sickness, disease and ailment. It is a known fact that the secret to preventing sickness, diseaes and ailment is to have our immune system operate at an optimum level. There are many factors that can cause our immune system to be compromised, vis-vis environment, food and stress, chemicals etc, thus weakening it from combating debilitating disease. The good news today is that ba<x>sed on scientific evidence and research the world's # 1 immune support enhancer is now readily avialable for us. Beta Glucan is the world's # 1 immune support enhancer. Beta Glucan is a natural product and through countless human trials, has shown remarkable anti-tumor activity against a wide range of different tumors including breast, lung and gastrointestinal cancer. In Japan, Beta Glucan is already licensed as an immunostimulant effective in cancer treatment. Beta Glucan has much more to offer can be beneficial against : Chronic diseases, Irradiation and/or Chemotherapy, Infectious diseases, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Wound healing and nonspecific stimulation of defense reactions, just to mention a few. Not all Beta Glucan's are equal. For more information on this life saving miracle product listen to this 3 minutes message and leave your contact information : 347-333-1234.<br />
I want to see you get married to your fiancé and I want to be invited to your wedding!!!

I hope you beat the cancer and get married and have a wonderful life together...All the best...

Get married. I learned from my own recent experience. "Don't put off till tomorrow what your going to wish you did yesterday" Live, Laugh, Love. Do it now!

I'm sorry to hear about your breast cancer. I'm 13 and my father died from Lung Cancer 7 months ago. It was very hard for me... so I know how your family must feel. I truly have sympathy for you and I htink you should marry the man you love. Treat every day great, savor every minute, and love your family and the ones you love. Spend time with your friends.... I wish you the best.

Today is my first day on this site. I am here because I want to share something that would have saved my Mom's life, if only we had known about.<br />
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A few days ago, I stumbled across a Kindle ebook, which shares one of the most muraculous stories I have ever read.<br />
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While this may not work for you, it would at least be worth pondering. I do not get compensation for sharing this..but.I do get to feel good that I have made people aware.<br />
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The Kindle ebook is entitled: CANCER SACKED...The TRUE STORY of How Don Martin Defeated Terminal Cancer in 4 Blake Eccles.<br />
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It changed my perspective about canceer, and it is my prayer that many millions can share this as I have tried to do here. There really is hope!<br />
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Best to all!<br />
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Hope you came through it ok.

I have Anhedonia. I would trade it for cancer in a second, i swear to god even terminal cancer.

Bev, , , , , We haven’t heard from you in a few years. . . . . I hope you married your heart’s desire. . . And squose every precious moment out of your experiences. . . If we don’t hear from you again, we will assume you lived well and experienced your life to the fullest possible. . . God Bless you child. . . nwm. . .

Well good luck with the big C,I had a girl friend that passed in '94 and father in'86 of cancer,take care and enjoy every day you can. cute profile picture.

Be togather ... you are a brave soul and i solute that wonderful man who is real and loving .

This honestly made me cry.

I would say do what you and your fiance feel right in doing. Only you too should make that decision. Did you ever consider cancer trials? These are real treatments and if you're interested you can find out more by contacting the American Cancer Society. Its a toll free number. Its most likely in your local phone book. Everybody's case is different. I wish you well with your cancer struggles. My sister is battling B cell non hodgkins for at least the last four years.

I can't imagine what its like being in your situation. I wanna feel such deep sorrow for you but you seem to be such a strong woman that it might be an insult to your strength and will power. Bless you and so happy you have a wonderful man in your life who helps you through that.

I'm of your age with same prob, i don like to share here and make u feel for, I just want to tell u something, just share what I do, keeps me still awake, we all took life to die some day, we r lucky to be informed that we r nearing end of days, it will be painful leave it to body, try enjoying every moment as u nevr leave happiness after d.... Wid love sam

Marry him. You beat it once, besides, we all die. Can't let the fear of it make your decisions for you. You're strong and have a good partner...Live your life! <br />
<br />
<3 sending much love and healing thoughts you way <3

I know that there is a bigger power in the world than the power disease seems to hold. Therer is a divine being and it is not the divine will of a loving Father Mother God that His children suffer with disease though a lot of old theology tends to giving that explanation to disease. I have had many proofs of the power of prayer to heal. There are documented cases of healing all types of disease through prayer. Mary Baker Eddy wrote a book which has healed many people by giving them a clearer understanding of God's nature and the present spiritual reality. Since there is one God who is good, I am sure that your prayers for health will be answered. Stuart Milne

Hope this helps, <br /><br />
Please forward this to family members and others you know who have cancer

Hey Beverly!<br />
<br />
Like that guy Daniel up there, I most totally agree. Please check out: The Gerson Therapy. There IS a cure for cancer. People that have undergone this therapy have been cured of diabetes, breast cancer, arthritis, ovarian cancer, as well as pancreatic cancer. I know you'll say that if that's true, then why isn't it on the news? But I'll let the videos speak or themselves.<br />
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There are people that have recovered from it, and they are documented. If you don't believe me, please watch these videos that are currently on instant play by Netflix:<br />
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The Gerson Miracle, and The Beautiful Truth. <br />
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These two videos are VERY compelling. Please. I can only beg you as much as I can type. You don't need to keep fighting cancer for the rest of your life when your immune system can respond to nourishment and rid of this terrible disease. Please. You will heal. Just give it a chance.<br />
<br />
Here is their main website.<br />

Beverly, I love you and pray for you