New Here

Hi everyone!

I was told about 4 months ago I have two brain tumors.Like everyone I was totally wiped out when I got that news.Now again like alot of the stories I have read on here I also am spending all my time sitting around and dwelling just watching time go by.You would think we would act just the opposite and live every day to the fullest but I just cant seem to get up the energy to even go outside most days.

I am sitting here every day waiting for the phone to ring so I know when my surgery will be.The Doc said its going to be risky surgery because of where the biggest tumor is located.He has to debulk it before he can use radiation.There is a good chance that when they try to debulk the tumor I could lose speech or motor function.Nice choice huh? I really try and think of others out there and the kids out there that are worse than me.

anyway...just kinda breaking the ice here and letting you all know about me.I really look forward to getting to know all of you and making some great friends.

thanks all


mandms12566 mandms12566
41-45, M
Feb 21, 2010