Thyroid Cancer

I am a 33 year year old mom, wife, daughter and friend and I was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I have a large nodule on my left thyroid gland.  I also have a 7mm nodule of my right lung. I will be having surgery to remove all of my thyroid on Dec 26th and then I will have 1-31 rasioactive iodine to zap and cells left. Then I will go on thyroid hormones and suppresion therapy. I am overwhelmed, freaked out and trying my best to be optimistic. Thyroid cancer at least the type I have is highly treatable and things could be a lot worse. I am scared, and overwhelmed and am trying to read and absorb as much info as I can about this type of cancer.
31-35, F
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You will survive this. Start enjoying life. Try to be stress free. What some people don't understand about thyroid cancer, is that the immune system is somewhat suppressed while going through recovery. Stress doesn't help... If you need to chat or want answers from someone who has been through it, feel free to email me.....I completely understand what you're going through....physically and emotionally... It can be overwhelming

I have thyroid cancer too. Follicular. I went throught two surgeries and the I131 radiation treatment. I'm 29, single and have no children....

Thank you for sharing ALOHAEMMA,<br />
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I too was just diagnosed with cancer - the rarest of all Melanomas. It is scary, sucks, sucks, sucks.<br />
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You have definitely found a great place for support. My ep friends make me feel not so alone.<br />
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I too search everything I can find about my cancer - however, I caution you on this. Sometimes, it is so depressing that I end up making myself feel worse. Of course it is important to become education, but not everything you will find is necessarily true, or helpful.<br />
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If you ever want to talk, please send me an email and I will respond!<br />
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We are not alone!

technology has come along way- you should be able to beat this!

I have absolutely no doubt that you will survive this. You are needed here more than you are up there. So stay strong and know that you are thought of and prayed for every day.

You will win....keep fighting!! I beat cancer and so can you! Become a "Momma Tiger" and fight to live for your children, husband and family. If you want to talk, email me. You are younger than my youngest child and I want to help.